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Maintain and Upgrade your Dedicated Node

Keep your node healthy and up to date with the following tools.

Node Status

The node status can be seen from the node list and the view details page.

All Node Statuses




The node’s environment is being prepared


The node is starting up


The node is running.

View the node details for syncing status.


The node is restarting.


The node is not running correctly. Check the console log for more information.


The node is stopping.


The node has been stopped.

The node will still incur a charge for the storage used


The node is terminating


The node has been terminated. It will remain visible for 60 minutes.

Node Performance

View your node’s CPU, Memory, and Storage performance.

If the CPU or Memory is running high you can increase node size.

When the Storage is running out of space you can increase storage.

Node Actions

The following actions can be found under the Actions menu in Node Details. They can result in downtime while the node restarts, so be cautious when performing actions on a node who’s downtime could cause issues.

Change Size

Increase or decrease the node’s CPU size. The node will restart.

The node’s running costs could change after updating the node’s CPU size

Change Storage

Increase the node’s hard drive space. The node will restart.

The node’s running costs could change after updating the storage size

Change Image

Update the node’s image version. The node will restart.

We always recommend running the network’s latest image version. If the image is out of date the following banner will be displayed in the Node Details page.

Restart Node

The node will be restarted with existing configuration

Stop Node

The node will be stopped.

Storage charges will still be incurred. Terminate the node if you wish to avoid being charged.

Resume Node

Resume a stopped node

Terminate Node

The node will be deleted. This is not reversible.

Clone Node

Clone an existing node to quickly expand your available resources under load or to easily add more validators and collators. When Lightning Restoreis available, the new node will be up and running within minutes with same configuration and launch arguments. You are able to change the size and storage after deploying.

New Validators and Collators will need to be configured once they are synced, as they will need separate keys. See Set up your Validator or Collator

Edit Launch Arguments

Edit a running node’s Launch Arguments by selecting the Launch Configuration tab and pressing Edit. The node will restart after saving changes.

Read Dedicated Node Launch Arguments for detailed help.

Console Logs

To debug issues in a node click the Console Logs button in the node details. The rolling most recent 100 logs are shown

View History

View the node’s action history under Activity Logs. Values can be expanded to view details and copied

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