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Dedicated Node Alerts

Automated alerts are sent to the Dedicated Node’s creator when:

  • Block height stopped syncing

  • Disk nearly out of space

Emails are sent from . Check your spam folder if you haven’t received an alert when you should have.

Node in Error Status

This alert is sent when the node enters the “Error” status, and will be resent every 24h until resolved. Consult the Node’s Console Logs as shown here Maintain and Upgrade your Dedicated Node , or contact if you require assistance.

Block Height Stopped Syncing

This alert is triggered when the node’s block height doesn’t increase in over 5 minutes. Alongside the troubleshooting tips in the email you can also check the OnFinality Status Page to see if there is a network-wide outage.

Disk nearly out of space

An alert will be triggered when your alert is going to run out of space within four days. Increase the node’s storage to avoid any issues. We also recommend enabling Auto Expand Node Storage when suitable.


Press the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the alert email to unsubscribe from alerts.

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