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Connect to your Dedicated Node

OnFinality offers the following endpoints to connect to your dedicated node:

  • RPC

  • P2P (Peer to Peer)

  • Metrics

The endpoints can all be found in the “API Endpoints” menu on the details page of your dedicated node.

If your node is a Parachain there will be separate endpoints available for the Relay Chain, titled “…Relay”.

Access to the RPC and Metrics endpoints is secured by the API key found at the end of the provided urls, e.g.

Keep your API Key safe and private, it cannot be regenerated without recreating the node.


OnFinality exposes HTTP and Websocket access to your dedicated node's Substrate RPC endpoint.

The Polkadot Node Interaction guide includes the standard RPC methods you’ll find across most substrate based networks, but for the complete method set and instructions we recommend network specific documentation.

Certain methods require the --rpc-methods = unsafe launch argument, see Dedicated Node Launch Arguments for more information

P2P (Peer to Peer)

The address which peers can use to connect to your node, for example as a bootnode via the --bootnodes=... argument.

The P2P Internal address can only be reached by other OnFinality-hosted nodes in the same region. When wanting to connect two nodes nodes hosted in the same OnFinality region, it is strongly suggested to use the P2P Internal address for superior performance.


The Prometheus Metrics endpoint exposes information such as the block height or number of peers connected to your node.

See the guide Visualise Node Metrics for instructions on how to enable the Metrics endpoints and create a Grafana dashboard using Prometheus


Can I connect to my node via SSH?

No, for security reasons direct SSH connection is not provided. You can communicate with your node via the user interface in the app or via the RPC endpoint.

Does OnFinality support SideCar?

We don’t currently support the Substrate SideCar API, but watch this space!

Can I reset my nodes API Key?

No, this can only be achieved by terminating and recreating the node

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