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App Billing

View Invoices

Workspace invoices are applied to the user with role Owner

  1. Navigate to Account settings via clicking your name and then Account

  2. Scroll down to the Billing History section

  3. Click the download icon next to the invoice you wish to view

Upcoming invoice status means that the billing cycle has not completed yet. It is the running total of the current billing cycle, updated nightly, to provide an estimate of what your ongoing costs are.

Billing Cycle

You will receive an invoice monthly from the date that you first applied a credit card on your workspace.

Payment Methods

The first time you launch a dedicated node you will need to add a credit card. That same credit card will then be used for all additional nodes.

Only users with role Owner can manage a workspace’s payment method

Add Credit Card

To add a new credit card to your workspace:

  1. Open the Settings menu and then press Add New Credit Card

  2. Enter the credit card details and press Add Payment Method

Change Payment Method

To change the credit card assigned to your workspace:

  1. Click the credit card dropdown to see all available credit cards, then select the card you wish to use

  2. Press “Update Payment Method”

Only one payment method can be active at a time. All running nodes in the Workspace will be invoiced against the new payment method

Remove Credit Card

To remove a credit card:

  1. Navigate to Account settings via clicking your name and then Account

  2. Scroll down to Payment Methods , find the credit card you with to remove and click Remove

In-use credit cards cannot be removed. First change the payment method to a new card

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