Editing Network Spec

  1. Login to the OnFinality Portal

  2. Navigate to the Networks > Network Specifications and click on your Network

  3. You can now update any section including docker image versions, launch arguments, and recommended node/storage size

Add Image Version

  1. To add a new network image version, click Add Image under the Image section

  2. Select the new image version and mark the correct version type (e.g. stable or pre-release)

You can additionally retire or deactivate old image versions. Marking an image version as inactive will prevent any new nodes being created with that version, while deleting the image version will also prompt users to upgrade their nodes asap.

Upgrade Launch Configuration

  1. Scroll down and select the node type that you wish to update Launch Configuration for

  2. Press Edit

  3. Update the node size or storage size

  4. Press Save

Updated Launch Configuration recommendations will only be applied to newly created nodes.

Upgrade Launch Arguments

  1. Scroll down and select the node type that you wish to update Launch Arguments for

  2. Press Edit

  3. Make the required changes

  4. Press Save

Dedicated Nodes which differ from the new network arguments will be prompted to update their arguments.

For more information on Launch Arguments, view the Dedicated Node Launch Arguments and Register a Network on OnFinality pages

Upgrading Existing Nodes

OnFinality suggests that you should perform a rolling upgrade, that is update each node sequentially to ensure that you new image version boots and connects correctly when deployed.

  1. Navigate to Dedicated Nodes

  2. Click Upgrade Image at the top right corner

  3. Upgrade the node to use the new image version