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Publishing a Network

Publishing a Network will make it publicly available so that anyone else in the community is able to run Dedicated Nodes within your network on OnFinality. It also means that your network will appear publicly in our network list on our website and application It is a necessary step if you would like OnFinality to run a managed API service for you.

Several public Networks when deploying a dedicated node

How to Publish a Network

Before publishing your network, check to make sure that your Image, Launch Arguments, and recommended Launch Configuration is up to date.

  1. Open your custom network

  2. Press Publish

  3. Fill in the metadata which will be shown to users deploying your Dedicated Nodes

    Note: Network Spec Key will not be displayed directly to users but will be seen in public management APIs/CLI tools. We suggest a unique identifiable key all in lower case.

  4. Press Publish

  5. Your published network will be in the Pending status while OnFinality reviews the submission

  6. Your published network should be approved within one business day. It will then be available for users to run a Dedicated Node

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