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OnFinality CLI Tool and Access Keys


The OnFinality CLI tool is published to this GitHub here

To install the Onfinality CLI tool, run the following command:

curl -s | bash

Verify the installation was successful by running:

onf --help

Create Access Keys

Access Key is used by onf-cli and onf-github-actions . This article will show you how to create one and revoke an existing key.

  1. Login to OnFinality and go to the account page

  2. Under Access Keys, click Add New Access

  3. OnFinality will generate a new access key and secret. Please record this now because it can not be retrieved after you close this modal

  4. To revoke a key, click the Delete icon 

Add Access Key to onf-cli

To add this access key to onf-cli, type onf setup

You will be prompted to enter both the access key and the secret key, as well as select your primary workspace.

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