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Auto Expand Node Storage


The Auto Expand Node Storage feature helps automate management of dedicated nodes by completely automating the management of the node’s attached storage.

Node Storage Size will automatically expand as needed to ensure that your node never runs out of storage and reduce downtime. This can change the pricing of your node as storage size increases, so we will notify you when expanded.

When the nodes storage reaches 85% utilisation the storage size will be automatically increased by 10%.


When deploying a node, toggle “Auto Expand Storage” on.

When the node is running, Auto Expand Storage can be enabled or disabled at any time via Node Actions

The node’s Activity Logs will show when a node has been auto expanded, and an email will be sent to the node’s creator.

Validators and Collators

Auto Expand Storage is not available for Validators and Collators as it will restart the node and affect your validation reputation. We recommend that you schedule and manually action storage expansion for Validators and Collators

Public RPC Nodes

Auto Expand is enabled for all public RPC nodes. We will wait until all other RPC nodes in that cluster are healthy before expanding to reduce downtime.

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